January 8, 2012

The hard choice for people in general

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This is a dilemma in today’s world. Which way should people vote? I have a deep empathy for poor people of the world and definitely want the government to provide them with the means to live with dignity by way of social services. Yet, I find myself opposed to many of the leftist platforms and pledges, be they Democratic in US or Liberals or NDP in Canada. Why? Here is why.

They come bundled with inefficient subsidies, refusal to rein in the public sector unions, and other ills. Voting for some of  their policies implies giving assent to all the bundle and the conservative bundle (no, not the US version, but the Canadian version at least) sounds better, even though there is some stuff there that I abhor as well. The US? It is a different horror story there. You have to sign up for no gay, yes guns, yes God in the strictest interpretation for the term, no immigration before they will even accept that you have conservative leanings.

The argument that the government should not be running business except minimally (no airlines, no life insurance as in India, no Oil companies) appeals to me. Government has never run anything efficiently. Look at the mess of the telephones with the government monopolies in both Canada and India for a long time and what transformation liberalization wrought within a few years! The job protection for the public sector in the face of vicious unemployment in the private sector and the best retirement pensions is not enough for the trade unions and they disrupt services frequently for further pay rises and protection of unaffordable retirement pension benefits.

The choice is tough because, like television cable subscriptions, you have to choose a bundle with stuff you don’t like for that one thing you like.

What do you think?


— Krishna


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