January 22, 2012

Movie: The Big Labowski

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This one is a lark. From the time the goons come into the house of Jeff Bridges to trash it and ruin his new carpet, for something he does not understand, the movie takes off. Labowski, “the dude” is a bowling loving deadbeat. He learns that the money required by the goons in fact is owed by the Big Labowski, a retired businessman, rich enough to pay them for whatever reason they want the money. He figures that this man has money enough to pay him for the rug that they ruined in the process of threatening him, and goes there with a plea to pay him for the ruined rug. His close pals John Goodman, an impetuous man who does not always think through the results of his action. (He pulls a gun in anger at another man, right in public view in their haunt, the bowling alley. ) The adventure begins there.

In fact, it is watchable if not always funny, and the humour and the curiosity continue. The plot where he is supposed to pay ransom to rescue the wife of the real Labowski goes awry with his great pal John Goodman coming up with a plot to throw away a fake suitcase in its place and “keep the money” on the hunch that the girl is herself planning the kidnapping from some fickle clues and a patch of inept detective reasoning by Goodman. The story is interesting, alternating between a bowling alley and other locations and following three deadbeat friends in their quest to get reparations for the ruined carpet of the first scene.

The movie gets attention and Jeff is convincing as the mistaken Labowski.  Their shaking off serious involvement with possible gangs and stuff over their heads with an absolute blind conviction that things will work out is hilarious.

This is not one of the non stop laugh riots that you find in comedy sometimes but leaves you feeling that you saw a good movie overall.

Let us say a 7/10

— Krishna


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