February 13, 2012

Movie : Walt Disney’s Tarzan

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The formula still works! It is a typical Disney movie with everything thrown in – animals, tale of a baby being adopted by the monkeys, an evil villain, a beautiful damsel to fall in love with, betrayal, drama – everything. And we have seen it all before in countless Disney movies from Snow White to the recent crop. Still the story works.  The movie was made in 1999 when old style animation was finally fading out, giving ground to 3D animations, but still this review pretends that you see it today and the effect of the movie on you today.

It is well told : how a hunter and his wife were shipwrecked in an African island, how they built a treetop house to live in but were mauled by a Cheetah that killed both the parents. A troop of apes (gorillas) is passing by and a female monkey climbs to the house, only to find a child alive. Since the female ape has just her own child to a leopard, it is crestfallen and falls in love with this child.  It takes the child in hand but is faced with the Cheetah who has not left the place and wants to kill the ape or the baby. The mother manages to save herself and the baby and decides to adopt the baby.

So far, the story is silent, with only the people speaking, and when you focus into the money troop, you hear conversations within the group – a nice touch. The child, of course, is Tarzan, who grows up among the troop. His adopted mom is Kala and her husband, Kerchuk is the leader of the entire clan and refuses to see the human baby has his son. He tolerates “it” in the clan, though.

The story takes us through Tarzan growing up, gaining the respect of the ape friends by his daredevilry, meeting and falling in love with Jane, and learning the people languages in addition to his animal languages that he was brought up with. He is gullible enough to lead the humans back to the gorilla group, where they are captured by the unscrupulous Clayton. Their rescue and the ultimate decision of not just Jane but her father too to remain in the jungle, form the rest of the story.

The story is well told, with the lovable animation of Disney (although it is the old two dimensional style and if you are used to the three dimensional cartooning of recent times, this may look outdated. The story does not flag and moves  easily from one scene to another, until the end.

It is a good movie to watch and I think it deserves a 7/10

—  Krishna


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