March 7, 2012

Book: Lord of the Rings Book 1 : Fellowship of the Ring by JRR Tolkien

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The Lord of the Rings needs no introduction these days, after Peter Jackson’s series made these very famous. I will try not to be swept away by the hype or fame of the books and hopefully keep an objective tone in commenting on the book. (Not to say that I will try to be biased against it to compensate!)

Interesting adventure, on a large canvas than the Hobbit. The world of Frodo Baggins, the nephew of Bilbo of the Hobbit story, is fascinating. The story is a continuation of The Hobbit. Some of the scenes and especially the poems of Tolkien are lovely. But the story drags a lot in the middle (I know it is blasphemy to day this according to some!) and it reads like a classic children’s tale that it is.

Others in the book include friend and page Sam Gamgee, Merry and Pippin – these are all hobbits, the famous wizard Gandalf the Grey, and the other wizard Saramon the White, lots of orcs, Gimlee the dwarf, Legolin of the elves, Elron the elf chief, Gwendolin the Elf queen, Boromir and Aragorn men, all made real by the movie. All of them strive like moths against the immense power of Sauron, the ultimate in evil, a kind of Tolkien’s Voldemort, if you will.
Would the book have made the impact it did without the imagery of the movie in the back of my mind? I don’t know. (Yes, I saw the movie first). If you get used to the style, it gets to be a lot more interesting, just like The Hobbit, reviewed earlier. and it is fun to think back and see what they did different in the movie. Also, what came as a surprise is that the three Lord of the Rings volume do not comprise a Trilogy in the accepted sense of the word, and it is in fact ONE story chopped into three pieces. That is why even the movie stops abruptly, with no clear ending. The book stops abruptly too!

I guess I would grant it a 6/10

— Krishna


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