March 14, 2012

Book: By the Light of the Moon by Dean Koontz

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A rather nice story from Dean Koontz, reminiscent of his earlier, Lightning and say, Phantoms. It purports to be scientific, like all of his stories but if you suspend your disbelief at the things he describes as possible, it is a good ride. In that respect,  it is rather like the James Bond film, where you do not worry about how he does so much, but just enjoy the ride. It is indeed a lighthearted romp and a reasonably well written book.

The story is that of two brothers, the autistic but brilliant Sheppard and his artistic brother Dylan OÇonner, who gets mugged one day only to be injected by an unknown “stuff” by a mad doctor. He also injects Jillian Jackson, a stand-up comic halfway through her wanderings, since he had some ‘extra stuff’ left over, and borrows her car for a getaway. Fate throws them together, as unknown assassins in hot pursuit of the mad doctor manage to chase him and blow up him, along  with Jillian’s car.

Now on the run from the unknown assailants who will stop at nothing to kill them, also under the influence of stuff that causes unforeseen and unforeseeable things to happen to them, they battle on to keep their sanity. The story tells of who the doctor is, how he is involved in their past and present, and how they learn of what the ‘stuff’ is and what changes are being wrought in their body due to the involuntary injections they were subjected to. These include unexplainable realistic illusions that Jillian starts to experience, uncontrollable urges that take over Dylan and pull him towards certain directions and targets completely against his conscious will and actions. And the strange incidence where Dylan thought that Sheppard appeared to come out of a different cubicle in the washroom from the one he entered…

Letting you more than this would give the game away more than is fair. It is a lovely tale, if you are interested in non serious, light stuff to spend some time with.

Let us say, 6/10

— Krishna


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