March 22, 2012

Book: Are You Afraid of the Dark by Sydney Sheldon

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In this book, the late Sydney Sheldon has stayed the course in narrative styling but has missed out on one of his trademarks. Let me explain further.

This is the story of Diane Stevens and Kelly Harris, two women so unlike each other, and living so far apart, that it is only the common thread of their husbands getting killed while working on a secret project for the same organization that  could have brought them together.

This is also the story of the young, very bright, and ambitious Tanner Kingsley who joins his equally bright brother Andrew in setting up Kingsley International. He is frustrated that his brother places the welfare of people (the nerve!) over profits that could be made, and when a freak accident renders his brother unfit to lead the organization, grabs the chance to take control of it.

There is something nasty in the death of the two husbands, who worked for the same Kingsley International and the two women, the blond Diane and the African American Kelly go up against the might of the entire army of toughies who are determined to prevent them from discovering the truth or even living…

The story has all the ingredients of the Sydney Sheldon’g twists and ingenious plans of escape by the clever women but lacks sparkle in two ways. First, it seems to be a rehash of many of his earlier works, and second, the usual bombshell at the end is very, very weak.

It is a racy read, nonetheless, and should entertain you if you go in with no great expectations.

I will give it a 5/10

— Krishna


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