March 28, 2012

Book: The Scorpio Illusion by Robert Ludlum

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This is a typical Ludlum story and of course, you have to be in the “Ludlum frame of mind” to read that kind of a story, ready for unexpected twists and turns and with a lot of trust in the storyline (ie no questions asked).

Ludlum can deliver really fast paced action thrillers and his best books surely include The Bourne series, The Osterman Weekend and The Gemini Contenders.

This book does not live up to those levels but still manages to be interesting enough to carry you through. There are some surprise moments that make you pause and appreciate it but it does not pack the punch of Ludlum’s best, in my opinion.

The story is about Commander Tyrrell Hawthorne, ex US secret services, who has retired and is leading a quiet life in an island. He is recruited by the British intelligence to track and stop a dangerous criminal called Bajaratt. This woman has grown up under cruelty and seeing her loved one blown apart by Allied bombs during a raid for Bakaa Valley’s independence, vows revenge.

She recruits a handsome dock boy who is chased by Mafia, saves his life and transforms him into an Italian Count. She uses her mastery in disguise to transform herself as his aunt, considerably older and methodically proceeds to penetrate the highest circles in US. Her mission? To assassinate the US president. She gets unexpected help from the elusive Scorpio group whose influence reaches almost into all areas of the government.

Hawthorne manages to find and eliminate the padrone, a wealthy patron of Bajaratt’s, and is hot on the heels of her, with a team consisting of Major Kathy Nielson and Jackson Poole. The trio survives all odds to progress, when Kathy is severely wounded in a shot from Bajaratt…

The rest of the story has several surprises in the identity of the Scorpio members and Hawthorne’s almost superhuman ability to overcome all odds in saving the President.  (Yes, this is a Ludlum story and this ending is anticipated when you start the book!)

A good read if you want some fluff… Can rate it no more than 5/10, as this does not compare to the best from the late author.

— Krishna


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