April 12, 2012

Book: The Enemy of God by Bernard Cornwell

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This is the second part of the Arthurian The Warlord Chronicles Trilogy written by Bernard Cohen. The first part, The Winter King, was reviewed earlier.

I will try to narrate the story without giving away the surprises, in case you read the story later. The real story is amazing, far different from the following  outline because of the surprises packed in it. What I am trying to say is that the outline below tries not to give the surprises in the plot away, and therefore does not do full justice to the book or the story’s real plot.

The second part is at least as good as the first one. The first part ends with the great victory at Lugg Vale. The second part continues the story, where Lancelot wants to marry Ceinwyn. She rejects Lancelot publicly, choosing someone else, and earning the enmity of Lancelot forever.

Merlin commandeers Derfel and they go on a search of the Cauldron, one of the twelve treasures of Britain and with such magic powers that it is needed to achieve Arthur’s dream of reuniting the Britons and defeat the maurading Saxons once and for all. They go with just about 20 men into the heart of the Saxon territory!

They manage to return alive, and then Mordred, the club-footed, ill tempered, incompetent King comes of age and takes over formal charge of the throne. There starts a story of treachery, betrayal, tragedy, incompetence, loss and struggles for recovery with the very shocking end of the book….

The story is told in the easy and fascinating style you are becoming familiar with having read the first volume. Some of us may have an issue with difficult names and names here are historical and difficult. (Gwenhwyvach is an example) But if you can ‘live’ with this, it is an exhilerating read, and keeps your interest till the end.

I cannot wait to read the third part! I will give it a 9/10.

— Krishna


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