April 23, 2012

Book: Wild Justice by Wilbur Smith

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This is a good book from Wilber Smith. None of the usual heroes (Courtneys, or Ballantynes) are present – like  Elephant Song reviewed earlier –  but is a story with unique character. Again, this has all the elements you expect from a Wilbur Smith novel and the storyline is taut and is told in a vary racy style. This book also is  better than most other books, because of the number of twists and turns it contains, almost Alistair McLean or Robert Ludlum, which is unusual in a Wilbur Smith story.

The story revolves around Peter Stride, a highly qualified Commander of Thor, an ultra secret elite assault service working for the British Government. Peter reports to Kingston Parker and is assisted by Colin Noble.

When Flight 070 is hijacked enroute to South Africa and lands in Johannesberg airport, and the kidnappers demand the release of known terrorists, Peter is called in to help. While the negotiations are on and Peter tries to bargain for time, he is sickened to see the execution of the first few hostages, including a small girl, right before his eyes.

Ignoring caution by his boss and the governments involved, he storms the plane, and kills all terrorists except the blond, beautiful and dangerous head of the group called Ingrid, who is captured alive. He learns of an elusive mastermind who calls himself Caliph. When Peter takes the law into his own hands again and decides to eliminate an unarmed Ingrid, he knows that his days in the force are over.

He resigns and is approached by Magda Altman, the fabulously wealthy and beautiful owner of Altman Industries. He finds a place in her organization and also in her heart. She knows about Caliph, and was also a victim of Caliph’s machinations, which resulted in the death of her husband many years earlier.

When his own daughter is kidnapped by the Caliph and her severed finger is sent to him as proof of the intentions of Caliph, Peter breaks, and agrees to do as the Caliph bids. Caliph asks him to assassinate his own ex boss, Kingston Parker. Against all his training and judgment, Peter agrees and plans the assassination…

To tell you more would be to give away the story. The story is a page turner, with no slack. The characters are typical Wilbur characters, intrepid, swayed by primitive emotions like love, hate, revenge, good and evil. But the twists are great and the climax is suspenseful. The ending is a bit strange and unusual for Wilbur Smith’s books.

Still, a rollicking good read and deserves a 7/10.

— Krishna


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