May 16, 2012

Movie: The Avengers (2012)

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The comic book genre comes alive in Hollywood and has proved a safe bet for success for Hollywood. With the improvement in digital technology, the world of superheroes can be brought alive like never before. This has caused renewed interest in the superhero stories all over again, this time in life like animations.

In the meanwhile the retelling has gotten significantly cleverer too. After recasting Batman with a number of actors a number of times, Christopher Nolan set out to retell the story from a different and unique angle in his recent series. Batman begins and the incredible Dark Knight.

Here, they bring all the superheroes of the Hollywood movies together to form the group called Avengers,  to take on the villain together. The villain, to get them to come together, had to be a super super villain and who else can fit the bill than the son of Odin  himself, the mischievous Loki?

The movie is very entertaining and the story is intelligently told. It is interesting that the actors who played the superheroes in the hit series before also play the same superheroes in this movie as well, with one exception.

We have Robert Downey Jr.  playing Iron Man again. Chris Evans reprises his role as Captain America (“with a small change to the suit” as the movie explains it). We have Scarlet Johansen playing the Black Widow (yes, as in the spider). Chris Hemsworth comes again as Thor. And the super villain Loki is also played by the same actor, Tom Hiddleston, as in Thor.

The only exception seems to be the Incredible Hulk, as Ed Norton has been replaced by Mark Ruffalo. (The rumor mill is abuzz with insinuations that Ed wanted more money than they were prepared to give).

The movie has its lovely moments. Loki outwits people with his multiple images and mischief. He is outwitted by a dying Agent Phil Coulson  who lures him into an argument and in mid sentence, blows him off – does not kill him.  Think particularly of the scene where Loki imperiously tells the Hulk that he will not be manhandled by a monster, only to be whacked around like a rag doll before he can finish the sentence.  Another interesting piece is the ego of superheroes, where they fight another first before banding together to fight with the “real” enemy. It appears that the Hulk with Black Widow seem to do more damage to the ship than Loki’s evil band can.

The Iron Man is given all the great lines and steals the whole show almost, right to the end.

The story is not much, and Loki has to open a portal and gets a whole alien race into the world so that all of the Avengers have to band together to fight them.

One problem is the mixing of the multiple genres. For God’s sake, Thor is a demi god not a superhero. And what kind of superhero is the Black Widow? And how does Hawkeye a superhero?

And in mythology, Loki is mischievous and maybe a bit irresponsible but never blatantly evil. He is after world domination? That is a bit unbelievable.

As a pure entertainer, this movie is definitely good. But don’t look for any great logic or form.

I would say a 5/10


== Krishna


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