June 21, 2012

Movie: Men in Black 3 (2012)

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This is a sequel to the two Men in Black movies that came out earlier. Here is an ageing Will Smith playing Agent J again. This time, he is out to correct history and save Agent K, who has been whitewashed out of existence by a time travelling villain, Boris the Animal. (Yes, it follows all the traditions of the earlier movies, right down to the naming conventions)

The first Men in Black was phenomenal, the concept very cool and a playful portrayal of two Ultra Secret Service Agents with improbable gadgetry trying to control the world which is full of disguised aliens was fabulous.

The Second Men in Black was a pale shadow of the first. Where the first ends memorably with Agent K signing off saying that ‘he is too old for this’ and had a satisfying ending, the second one brought him back as Agent J recognizes that there is no one else who can partner him to fight an old super enemy. It was forgettable.

This one, the Third Installment is a lot better. Agent K, in his youth, apprehended Boris the Animal, after chopping his hand off, in a combat and sent him to an isolated prison on the moon.

He then goes off to the past to replay the combat and win this time, killing Agent K, and thereby changing history.

Agent J finds out that one day he was talking to Agent K, and the next, Agent K has ‘disappeared’ and what is even more funny, no one else but him seem to remember him, except as an agent who lost his life to Boris the Animal a very long time ago!

Agent J decides to travel back in time, find Boris and stop him from killing Agent K, thereby changing history back to what it should have been.

Well, a convoluted story, worthy of any Men in Black series, but it has its moments. Many things elevate this movie from the level of the Second Movie and almost take it to the level of the first one, where the wonder was new and the storyline was fresh.

First of all, he learns that Agent K was not always dour and laconic, and he was a fun and convivial person in the past. Why he became what he became – the famous Agent K of the first two movies? You find out in this movie. This is an interesting twist.

In the bargain, Agent J (Will Smith) finds out a lot more than what he bargained for. That is a very nice twist at the end too.

The humour is there, and is fresh as well.

Boris the Animal is interesting, where he seemingly can produce tiny hand like appendages from his one remaining hand (The other was lopped off by Agent K, remember?) and can shoot lethal dart like things at people.

The biggest surprise is Agent K. The “old” Agent K is Tommy Lee Jones in all his glory but he has a small part in the movie until he disappears soon enough.

The time travel happens and the way it occurs is also very much unexpected and fun. But when he is back in time, he meets Young Agent K, played by Josh Brolin, who has done a remarkable job of portraying the mannerisms of a young Tommy Lee Jones. You fully believe that this is a Young Agent K. By the way, Agent J (being black) discovers more than Agent K when he travels back in time. He discovers how America was in the sixties. Funny scenes follow.

The budding romance between Agent K and Agent O (and what it might have been if Agent K had not “changed” ) adds another dimension to the story.

All in all, a very enjoyable romp, if you do not look for logic – but then, all of the MIB movies were such, were they not?

I will give it a 7/10


— Krishna


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