April 5, 2013

Book: The Empty Chair by Jeffrey Deaver

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imagesThis is my first Jeffrey Deaver. It will not be my last, if his books are anything like this. The plots and subplots, the turns and the twists make for interesting reading.


This is not the Dan Brown kind of twist; if you expect a book changing twist, you will be disappointed. However, this book has multiple twists within itself and is very interesting to read. At one point, you go ‘come on; this is one too many twist’ but the storytelling and the plot carries you along and you forget that it was a twisted plot like the crooked house the crooked man lived in.


The story revolves around a boy who is obsessed with insects – Garret, who is strange, distant and seemingly violent. They believe he kidnapped a girl called Mary Beth and raped her. In the process he also killed Billy, who tried to come to Mary Beth’s help. When another nurse, Lydia, a nurse who is plump and lonely, who went to lay flowers at Mary Beth’s grave was also kidnapped before the very eyes of the inspectors, the police get angry. Roland Bell, who has worked with the criminologist genius Lincoln Rhyme, who is crippled and paralyzed and is in a wheelchair learns of Lincoln’s visit to a small North Carolina town for surgery with his assistant and partner in both his work and life, Amelia Sachs and calls up the police chief, his cousin Jim Bell. Jim pays a visit to Lincoln and asks him to help find Garret, who seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth with the girls.


  The boy also was believed to be involved in gruesome deaths by stinging of wasps of two others before.


 When he tracks and arrests the boy, Lincoln believes he can continue with his surgery in peace but Amelia escapes with the boy, convinced that he is innocent, and that he has been framed. Lincoln is furious, and is concerned that her life is in danger.


The story involves Jesse, a cop who is infatuated with Amelia, Lucy Kipps, a lady cop, the town thugs, a seemingly impetuous and angry cop Mason who wants to kill Garrett before he escapes from prison, and a lot of criminological investigations.


The prose is not as elegant as a Wilbur Smith but adequate. The scenes are interesting. The people do not have great depth and behave in a cartoonish way sometimes but the plot is well done and fascinating.

Think of it as a fluff novel to spend some fun time with, and I will give it a 7/10 because it is well written in what it aims to do, which is unabashed entertainment without a lot of brainpower needed to read it.


— Krishna


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