July 18, 2013

Movie: Despicable Me 2 (2013)

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imagesA delightful  comedy all the way through. Of course, if you have seen the first installment of this series, you know and love many of the characters – Gru, the incomparable Minions, and Dr Nefario (I love the name for it fits what he does in the first movie). Even the name of the movie fits the first one better, as Gru is the evil super villain who slowly gets his heart lost to the orphan girls whom he ends up adopting.

This way, you know that Gru is going to start out good in this movie and also his entire gang – Dr Nefario and the Minions all gave up “doing evil” at the end of the first movie. Therefore the original touch and the surprise is lost in the sequel and this is why I would consider the first movie to be better than the sequel.

But if you consider the constraints that the team had to work with, they have done a creditable job in producing the second movie. The plot is as zany as the first one – thank God! This is one movie where you want reason and intellect to play a part – the zanier, more is the fun! And this movie does very well, all things considered.

Consider the plot – a secret lab in the arctic is gone – literally taken off its roots by a gigantic magnet  from an airborne vehicle – no, not kidding.  This raises the suspicions of the ‘Anti Villain League’ or AVL. (Still not kidding) Why? Because the research had to do with a serum that can convert any innocent living thing into raving monsters. (No, still not kidding!)

Now, AVL knows that they need the brains of a supervillain to catch the mysterious evil genius behind that caper. So who better than Gru, the reformed ex evil mastermind who now minds his own business – making aweful tasting jams with the company of the Minions and Dr Nefario.

They “somehow” know that the evil genius is one of the shopkeepers in a newly opened mall in town called Paradise Mall (Don’t ask me how they know it this precisely – OK, I will tell you. They tracked traces of the stolen serum to that place.)

AVL sends a spy called Lucy and they open a cupcake shop as the cover to find the villain. Gru seems to go crazy when the son of a mall owner, the vainglorious Antonio, makes his moves on his eldest adopted daughter  Margo, who is hopelessly smitten with him. He accuses the father of the boy Eduardo as the evil villain – he claims that the father is El Macho, the supervillain in disguise – with absolutely no evidence at all. Since everyone knows that El Macho was dead in an explosion many years ago, the AVL laughs at him and even Lucy tries to ram some sense into him.

In the meanwhile the AVL has tracked the serum to a Japanese shop owner Floyd Eagle San (Really. This is one of the fun things about this movie, the name they came up with. The AVL director’s last name is Ramsbottom!) and the whole case seems closed. Gru is stuck in a gloom and does not notice that his minions are being taken away by someone one by one….

The movie is great, and I love how the evil plot of the Super Villain also ends up having minions as the central piece. If anything, the antics of the minions are even more hilarious in the second movie.


All in all, a good movie, definitely worth seeing. Steve Carell is as funny as ever and the cast is great too.

Let us say a 7/10


— Krishna


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