July 31, 2013

Movie: The Conjuring (2013)

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imagesA creepy movie. In fact, it has all the formula elements of a scary movie in it that would normally make you wonder if it is a parody of a scary film. Yet the presentation of it is very competent and raises it to a level where parts of it are genuinely creepy.

First, the formula elements: there is a child who sees people where no one else sees them. Suddenly an ancient crone face pops up, with the makeup person  having made it as scary as possible. There are séance scenes where the paranormal medium manages to see people when others (arguably, because she was alone in that room them) may not have seen anything.  Religious symbols upset the evil spirit and so on.

Yet, the fun elements are also  there – I mean fun in a scary movie loving way. The interesting twist is where Ed and Lorraine Warren, who are paranormal investigators actually collect  various haunted objects from their various cases and store them in a securely locked room in their own house, where they live with a young daughter. Corny? Oddly, no. He with a delightful seventies style sideburns (Patrick Wilson, who was the boyfriend of Christine in the movie version of The Phantom of the Opera) and she with a mysterious inner talent towards the paranormal and their concern for each other and the toll it is taking on her and yet soldiering on to help terrified victims of demonic attacks is really endearing. This is what I mean by the treatment given to the scenes removes the scorn from the (s)corny scenes!

The first few scenes have nothing much to do with the main story. It is about another of their cases, where they collect a particularly malevolent looking doll after solving a case and put it behind thick glasses in their secure room.

The main story, though, concerns a family of – I think – seven. The father Roger Perron, mother Carolyn Perron and five daughters move into a house they bought and discover a dark cellar.

They first are happy in there, and really have fun, especially with a sort of hide and seek game where you clap at  intervals to give a clue to the seeker to where you are. Strange things happen almost from the beginning. Most of these are nice touches. A clap comes where nobody exists – in many scenes and in one particular scene that is shows in trailers that is really interestingly creepy. Welts appear by themselves on Carolyn’s body on a daily basis, when she sleeps. The long story short, the house is haunted by the spirit of an old witch who was caught sacrificing her own son and so was about to be executed. She hangs herself but not before cursing anyone who may live in the house.

That part is corny.

The movie then goes into a battle of good vs evil, where the youngest child sees some of the victims of the witch and the witch herself taking over Carolyn’s body and make her kill one of her children like the ancient witch tried to. When the Warren couple try to intervene, the spirits tries to attack their daughter in their own house.


Not a very logical story or a strong story.

But because there are enough twists and at parts is genuinely spooky, I think I will award it a 6/10

— Krishna


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