November 27, 2013

Movie: Thor – The Dark World (2013)

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imagesBased on the success of Thor and the fad for turning Marvel comics to animated movies, it is no wonder that Thor 2 was released.

This starts with a different super villain. This time it is Dark Elf Malekith, with the help of Kursed, who look like genetically engineered warriors. Odin smashed them and the most potent force called Aether (“Ether?”) which is safely stored in a place where it will “never get out”. But this is the Marvel world and it does get out. Also Malekith has not died, simply frozen, to be unfrozen later in time for this sequel.

Loki, played by Tom Hiddleston, is as enchanting as ever in this sequel. In fact, Loki is even more devious and interesting in this movie than the first one.  He starts a prisoner, imprisoned by Odin for his War Crimes on Earth. The prisoners – a wide assortment of creatures, all evil – are all imprisoned in what looks like glass cages but really force fields.

Chris Hemsworth reprises his Thor role and I am sure many of the ladies go there to see him mainly! (Or, I hear, to see Loki).

Dr Jane Foster, played by Natalie Portman, who is Thor’s lady love in the first movie from whom he was separated “forever” (I mean the Marvel forever, not the real forever) drowns her loneliness in research and finds a portal to another world. She accidentally releases the Aether, and also unfreezes the evil Elf Malekith.

Jane has the Aether inside her and is taken to Asgarth by Thor. While she is there, Malekith comes with his army, takes Jane prisoner and disappears. Knowing that only Loki can take him to Malekith, Thor releases him from his prison against Odin’s wishes and takes him to confront Malekith.

The rest of the story talks about the rescue and the destruction of Malekith.

The story is fun, with Loki’s treachery and double twists coming one after the other and also super villains producing even more super villains like the assistant of Malekith becoming consumed by a part of Aether and becoming virtually indestructible.

There are touching scenes where Loki saves Thor’s life and then some scenes of the ultimate sacrifice by one of the central characters.

There is a twist at the very end that leaves you scratching your head wondering what happened to one of the central characters.

But it preserves the spirit of the first movie and is entertaining.

I think that this movie is to be enjoyed, not questioned – after all it is a Marvel comic adaptation and it does the job well, I think.


I would say a 6/10



–        – Krishna


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