August 31, 2014

Movie: Deliver us from Evil (2014)

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imagesThis is a horror flick. The movie opens with a preamble where, in the time honoured tradition of Hollywood, a group of soldiers in a desert (Desert Storm? Iraq?) provoke an evil of unspeakable dimensions unwittingly. Somehow they bring the evil back to the US with them. In the cave they see some ancient symbolic inscriptions.


The movie moves to present day New York and to a cop called Sarchie (played by Eric Bana in a near impeccable New York accent) where he breaks up a domestic dispute and scares the daylights out of the abusive husband. The husband’s fingernails are bleeding, which nicely blends into the story later. His name is Jimmy.


They then attend to a case of a woman in a zoo, Jane,  who threw her own son into the lion’s pit. The lions were not there, so the boy survived but Sarchie and his partner Butler go in search of the woman and find her half crazed, digging with her hands into the ground (with dirty, bleeding fingernails).


When Sarchie sees a hooded figure in the now empty lion’s pit, he goes to investigate, only to be confronted by two lions that should not have been there. He barely escapes. He later discovers that the hooded figure opened the gate of the lion’s den and intrepidly walked right into their midst. The lions did not react at all. Later he also learns that the person who was painting the lion’s den was Santino (the same as the hooded figure).


By this time you are very absorbed into the movie. The story may stretch your credulity, but the narration is good.


The movie then goes down. Enter priest Mendoza, who spouts theories about human evil and supernatural evil. Of course Sarchie does not believe him. On top of that, Sarchie does not go to church anymore even though his wife and daughter are devout and go every Sunday.


He sees and hears things that no one hears and the priest says that it is because he has a heightened awareness of things supernatural. Yeah, right.


The ancient inscriptions turn up everywhere. In the abusive husband’s house, in the zoo where the hooded figure was seen painting it (in the video). Mendoza goes into his movie mode and says that it is a “portal to Hell”.


Now, there is a link between Jimmy, Jane’s husband, and Santino. They were the trio that ‘woke up the evil’.  Neat.


The movie ends with an exorcism scene that is mildly interesting in its portrayal and later, Sarchie, who did not believe in God is a full convert to a believer in the occult, and works with Mendoza, resigning from the police force.


A lot of cinematic nonsense but a good narrative flow. Let us say a 4/10


  • – Krishna



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