October 16, 2015

Book: From Ashes by Molly McAdams

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imageWell, it is a typical story aimed at girls. Let us dive into the story.

Ty and the narrator are good friends. The girl is abused by mom after father’s death, sinking into alcohol and beating her up. Her new husband also physically abuses her. Ty is the only solace she has. She moves to Texas with Ty and meets Gage, who is a male God in her eyes.

He feels powerfully attracted to her too, but Ty is in the way. Ty is in love with her but she does not know that. Ty is just a platonic friend for her. Gale sees it all and waits for her to come to him of her own volition.

He sees her abuse and seethes. Ty tells him to back off as Cassi is his girl and he has been waiting all her life for her. Gale seems to be puzzled by the relationship but yet powerless to resist Cassidy’s pull on him.

She hears from Ty  that Gage has told Ty that she should stay away from him and is shocked! This is Tyler being jealous and trying to split them up. When Gage tells him he has fallen for Cassi, he spins stories with both to keep them apart. They pine for each other in Gage’s ranch where she wins over his entire family. But Ty manages to split them up.

Ty forces himself onto Cassi. She asks for time. Gage comes back just to be a friend. When Cassi keeps refusing Ty, he locks her out in the cold and she almost dies, walking in sleet to Gage. Gage looks after her.

They realize Tyler’s treachery and get together. Tyler refuses to let go. Then when Gage is engaged in a fight, he accidentally knocks Cassi over and she is very afraid of any violence. Tyler persuades her to go back to California, telling that her parents’ house is on fire and her mom is dead. Tyler seems to have had a change of heart and Cassi inherits her mother’s considerable fortune and also learns the truth about the ‘fire accident’ that killed her parents.

She now threatens to fall for Connor Green. He is a cop and she suspects ulterior motives and then trusts him. At this point, you go ‘Wait, what? I thought she and Gage loved each other!’

The story just wanders on and on. It should have finished half way through.

The life travails of the couple are boring to the extreme. Epilogue is even more boring.

It does not deserve anything more than a 2/ 10

– – Krishna


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