November 6, 2015

Movie: The Visit (2015)

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imageAccording to some reviewers, M Night Shyamalan could never live up to his debut film The Sixth Sense ever again. He had a brand of movies that seem to have a tremendous twist at the end, in every one of those movies but the magic was, to hear some say, gone. In fact, a Simpsons episode lampooned him as going the other way, making “increasingly crappy” movies.

This movie definitely does not equal the magic of his first movie, but I would claim that it is a lot better than some of his earlier movies. The twist at (near) the end is there, but this one is much more believable than, say, the story of The Lady in the Water, just to name one of his earlier disappointments.

The story is cleverly constructed to make way for the improbable situations. The story is about two kids, Becca and Tyler, two very cute kids. In many cases their conversation is funny and the banter between them is close and easy, almost reminding you of the brother and sister in the Jeepers Creepers movie. (I mean the first, and in my view, the only good one).

The story is about their grandparents, who have been estranged from their mother Paula. Paula made a really bad choice for a husband, and they never wanted to speak to her again. Her choice ended in a disaster and a divorce and now she is dating someone else, and wants to take a cruise with him. Coincidentally, the grandparents relented and asked her to visit. She decides to send the kids there.

Well scene set for two kids in their grandparents’ house for the first time. They seem very nice, and loving, and then strange things start to happen. And on top of that, there are strange rules like, ‘No matter what you hear, do not come out of your room after 9 PM’.

Well, the grandparents seem to have really odd habits sometime bordering on the bizarre. They seem to have no control over the limits of making fun, the grandmother walking around projectile vomiting in the night (which they were not supposed to see but sneaked out to see anyway).

There are very nice touches and hints that you do not pick up until the end – in this regard, this is closer to The Sixth Sense than other movies. For instance, a doctor comes in to see the grandparents when they were out for a walk and mentions interesting happenings in the local asylum which he wants to discuss with them.

There are some interesting scenes where the mother talks to them on Skype (or what looks like Skype) but due to the bad connection, could not have a full conversation.

The kids are increasingly puzzled and each time something weird happens, the grandparents give a plausible explanation – plausible but not normal.

The weirdness escalates, and some of the scenes specifically are over the top. For instance, why grandpa sneaks into the outhouse (which is always locked) and what the kids find out about it. The explanation for that is also bizarre.

The final twist, if you were really paying attention, is not really hard to guess and, like I said earlier, is a believable thing.

All in all, not a bad effort. Not spectacular, but not bad at all.


– – Krishna


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