March 19, 2016

Movie: 10 Cloverfield Lane (2016)

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imageThis is an interesting movie from some respects. First of all, the story starts with Michelle (played by Mary Elizabeth Winestead) getting into an accident and fainting. The first thing interesting is that the accident is depicted stunningly well. Yeah, I know it has been done like this before but still it feels like you are in the movie.


Second thing: At the end of the movie, you realize that the movie just involves three people. Beginning to end. That is it. There are voices and a TV announcer etc, but I do not really count them as ‘characters’ even if one of the voices belongs to Bradley Cooper.


Third, the movie keeps you guessing as to what kind of a movie it is. First you think it is like the Saw series, because she wakes up in a room with a bed on the ground and the entire room bare, except that she is chained to the wall and a saline solution is being fed into her via an I.V tube. She tries to get to her cell phone desperately, and all this is very much like Saw.


Then, when you meet Howard, he seems to be so much divorced from reality you begin to think that it is one of those innumerable movies where a deranged man has taken a young girl prisoner and will keep her tormented and sexually abused. Then it changes again. In order not to spoil the movie let me just state that there are a couple more turns or twists before the movie ends.


The major twist in the movie is interesting, but somehow, when we are hit with it, you feel the nagging suspicion that ‘I  kind of thought that this would be the twist’ kind of feeling. It is still interesting.


Howard, played brilliantly by John Goodman – I would call it one of the best roles he has done – is a very interesting character, alternately sane, sometimes fantasizing about aliens or Russia or one of the Koreas taking over the world and trying to destroy America. He has ‘anticipated it all’ and has built a safe bunker, where he has taken Michelle to ‘save her’.


The rebellious Hollywood American female lead she is, Michelle does not take it lying down and fights tooth and nail to escape. She discovers the words ‘Help’ etched on the skylight at the top of the house. She hears what sounds like cars going above (they are in a bunker underground, in preparation for the alien invasion). Howard believes that the air is contaminated and so has built an air purifier and airlock, to protect them.


The ‘them’ includes another young man, Emmet, who is injured with his arm in a sling. He claims that he got injured trying to fight his way into the bunker because of the disaster outside, which he saw as a bright flash before running inside.


Intrigue upon intrigue follows. Michelle discovers that Howard has been lying about his daughter or at least the photo he showed Michelle as his daughter is found out not to be the daughter. Emmet categorically states that he knows the daughter and the photo Howard earlier showed Michelle is definitely not the daughter’s photo.


I am not going to say much more so as not to give away anything you need to find out at the movie.


The movie definitely keeps your interest but my main issue with it is that it is like a winding path where, for the sake of suspense, twist is piled upon twist till you don’t know whether the story is coming or going.


The fact that John Goodman has done an absolutely phenomenal job, in my opinion at least, only shows up the gap in acting between him on one hand and the other two characters on the other. They do a credible job but he simply overshadows everybody in the movie.


Is it worth seeing? Definitely. Is it an edge of your seat movie that leaves you thinking of it long after you have seen it? I would not go that far.


6 / 10

– – Krishna







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