July 1, 2016

Movie : Finding Dory (2016)

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imageThough this is the golden age of sequels for Hollywood, generally sequels of animated movies have to try harder to stay current.  You may disagree with many of my examples, but to me, the second Toy Story and subsequent ones were not as great as the first one. Sure, there are exceptions. Shrek managed to keep the interest in the first two before losing its lustre in the third, and managing to mind its mojo in the fourth.  Ice Age generally keeps going well. Despicable Me just crashed and burned in the spinoff movie Minions.


However, Finding Dory manages to be another exception. It undersold itself, in my opinion. The trailers were not very awe inspiring and looked a bit like the rehash of the first movie but they manage to steer clear of most of the characters in the first and create an entirely new world and new plotline to keep the interest going. Sure, Marlin and Dori need to be there in all the movies but the other (the fish school and the turtles, for instance) just have cameo appearances, almost as if to remind you that you are watching a movie from the creators of Finding Nemo. It is interesting that while they have maintained most of the voices they had in Finding Nemo, they have changed the voice actor for Nemo. (I at least did not even notice).


The story is a lot of fun. Dory is living with Marlin and Nemo, with her memory loss causing hilarious problems when suddenly she realizes that she has to see her family. When she gets swept away into the ocean and disappears, Marlin and Nemo decide to go find her.


Hilarity and suspense mixed in the same way as the original creates the magical world of animation again and you are soon immersed in the new crazy characters. There is the grumpy Septapus (Yeah, an Octapus that has lost one of its tentacles) called Hank, who is only interested in getting at the tag Dory has so that he does NOT have to go back to the ocean but to an aquarium where she was bound, and be fed and looked after without having to do a lick of work).There are the crazy pair of seals (Fluke and Rudder) and an even crazier Seal – was there a name to him? – trying to share the limited space. There is a demented loon (‘Loony Loon’ I guess was the pun) called Becky with red eyes and sticking out ‘hair’ which is very funny.


Add to all this Dory’s touching childhood scenes – ‘Did I forget again?’ in a pleading voice to desperate parents and practising to say ‘Hi, I’m Dory. I have a short term remember-y loss’ – and it is clear why Pixar has not lost its touch. Simple scenes that tug at your heartstrings and make you like the little fish who struggles, and by extension, the movie itself.


The movie is very unbelievable with a series of improbable events. I know that in an animation movie the entire thing is improbable but I like at least some logic after you have accepted the premise. Here there seems to be none. Just ignore for the moment the scene where the marine animals take over a van and drive it around; even the scene where Nemo and Marlin jump from fountain to fountain to get to their destination makes you shake your head and say ‘really?’


Yes, Hank is a nice addition to the group and looks like he will stay on with this family for new sequels and the age worn trick of introducing a gruff,  seemingly uncaring person (Remember Gru of Despicable Me?) and showing him to be a nice person inside works again brilliantly.


Even the humour is good. “I have a friend called Sigourney Weaver” says Dory and you have to see the movie to understand why it is hilariously funny.


All in all, a worthy successor to the fantastic Finding Nemo movie. Pixar, you have done it again!


7 / 10


  • – Krishna

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