March 18, 2018

Book: The Slow Regard For Silent Things by Patrick Rothfuss

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imageI have an extremely high regard for Patrick Rothfuss. The only two books so far published in the King Killer Chronicles, The Name of The Wind and The Wise Man’s Fear are excellent, and so I could not wait to get my hands on this book. Like The Hedge Night of the other master fantasy storyteller George RR Martin, I expected a treat in Kvothe’s world that is not part of the main story but nevertheless as entertaining.


This book could not have been more different.



Tells the story of Auri but is a very small book, almost a short story. Auri is just tromping about in the tunnels. She gets some gear, and then moves around various rooms, rearranging things. Pretty little story, really and a complete waste of time reading this.


She arranges each room and explores new rooms. She goes endlessly arranging stuff. There is atmosphere but no story to support it and it gets very boring even to finish this tiny book.


She endlessly wanders around, the only link to the great Kingkiller Chronicles is the fact that she waits for Kvothe to arrive.


The endless wanderings, worrying about what is exactly right and what is not, worrying about what fits where, endlessly washing herself, and running around in the tunnels – all of these fit Auri’s character perfectly well but I do not understand what the point of the whole story is. It does not go anywhere, or do anything. It is like the diary of Auri, ending as arbitrarily as it began – oh, I know that she completes what she set out to do and there is a kind of ending to it, but I fail to see the whole point of investing time to read this book.


Give it a miss. You will not miss anything, and it certainly is not like the original series.


1/ 10


– – Krishna


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