May 12, 2018

Book: Second Shadow by Aimee & David Thurlo

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imageThis is a simple story, intended to be a thriller and too simply written to elevate this into the realm of interesting books.

Dinetsoh is wounded and is being hunted. He


alone knows who killed Anglo attorney Powell Atkins and is trying also to protect the briefcase he is carryi



Emily is being attacked by two men and James rescues her with the aid of a folding metal stick (Don’t laugh.) He has been in love with Emily and even saved here before but disappeared before she could properly thank him.


He promises to protect her. They discover a secret document stored inside a wall after a lot of philosophy about Navajo tribe  from James. They handle a very suspicious-acting neighbour. They are puzzled by the theft of maps from her father’s study. Behind a loose board in the house, they discover a paper that tells them that her dad was acting as a lawyer to the Tribe.


While the bully neighbour claims that her father had agreed to sell the entire property to him they discover proof that he had rejected the offer. Also found hidden in the safe deposit box left by her dad is a paper with what looks like coordinates on a map.


She goes investigating and generally flirting with James. They find and thwart an attempt to stymie her construction crew with a fake investigation for a gas leak.  Another attempt at their life is made in the street by a set up tree trunk in their path and the shoulder of the road rigged with soft sand.


The sabotages continue. A blond with a stunning figure seems to be involved, though no one knows who she is. Then they find out that the mastermind shooting at them repeatedly is none other than the neighbour Woods.


For all his expert skills Jason keeps leading Emily into trouble constantly! Woods seems to be everywhere and doing everything. If you think that it is a setup for a whopper of a twist at the end, stop thinking. This is not any complex story. A simple story not aimed at thinking minds. Just read and forget.


The way they overcome Woods and the way they learn of their mystery is all very sudden and simple. Nothing to work out here, folks.


It is entertaining after a fashion but will not stay in your mind.


3 /10

–  –  Krishna


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